Professor Hamza Aortic valve replacement

Mr. Mohamed replaced the aortic valve

Family experience and testimonials; Mrs Amani

Mr. Mohamed open heart coronary artery bypass surgery

Dr. Essam open-heart coronary artery bypass surgery

Mr. Ali - open heart surgery after stents - Kurd

Kareem Salhiyyah

Dr. Karim is considered one of the doctors who have a very high human and moral sense, as he listens to the patient and gives him his right to treatment and stays in contact with the patient preparing the treatment to make sure of the patient’s health. He is really a very wonderful human doctor

Dr. Karim is truly an exceptional doctor. He had the biggest role in my grandmother's treatment. He is an extremely talented cardiac surgeon, a sympathetic doctor and an extremely ethical person. He is without a doubt the doctor I recommend to anyone who asks.

The best heart surgeon in Jordan, and indeed in the world. He has abundant knowledge and wonderful morals. It is very easy to reach him at all times. His appointments are accurate, and his medical procedures are of the best. Thank you, Dr. Kareem